All-in-one EC2 AMI Installation

This pages describes how to launch and run an all-in-one image in Amazon’s EC2 environment.

Launch Process

Project Clearwater’s all-in-one node is already available as a pre-built AMI, which can be found in the Community AMIs list on the US East region of EC2. Launching this follows exactly the same process as for other EC2 AMIs.

Before you launch the node, you will need an EC2 keypair, and a security group configured to provide access to the required ports.

To launch the node

  • From the EC2 console, make sure you’re in the US East region, then select “Instances” and then “Launch instance”
  • Select the “Community AMIs” tab, and search for “Clearwater”
  • Press “Select” for the Clearwater all-in-one AMI. Take the most recent version unless you have a good reason not to.
  • Choose the Instance Type you require (the node runs fine for basic functional testing on an t2.small)
  • From the remaining pages of parameters, the only ones that need to be set are Name (give the node whatever convenient name you wish), keypair and security group.

On the last page, press “Launch”, and wait for the node to be started by EC2.

Running and Using the Image

Once the node has launched, you can SSH to it using the keypair you supplied at launch time, and username ubuntu.

You can then try making your first call and running the live tests - for these you will need the signup key, which is secret. You will probably want to change this to a more secure value - see “Modifying Clearwater settings” for how to do this.