IR.92 Supplementary Services

GSMA IR.92 defines a set of Supplementary Services (section 2.3). This document describes Clearwater’s support for each.

The services fall into one of four categories.

  • Supported by Clearwater’s built-in MMTel application server
  • Supported by Clearwater inherently (i.e. whether or not the MMTel application server is enabled) - these services rely on messages or headers that Clearwater simply passes through
  • Requiring an external application server
  • Not supported

Supported by Clearwater’s Built-In MMTel Application Server

The following Supplementary Services are supported by Clearwater’s built-in MMTel Application Server.

Supported by Clearwater Inherently

The following Supplementary Services are primarily implemented on the UE, and just require Clearwater to proxy messages and headers, which it does.

  • Communication Hold
  • Communication Waiting

Requiring an External Application Server

The following Supplementary Services require an external application server.

  • Terminating Identification Presentation
  • Terminating Identification Restriction
  • Barring of Outgoing International Calls - ex Home Country - Clearwater does not currently have sufficient configuration to know the subscriber’s home country.
  • Message Waiting Indication - Clearwater proxies SUBSCRIBE and NOTIFY messages for the MWI event package (RFC 3842), but requires an external application server to handle/generate them.
  • Ad-Hoc Multi Party Conference - Clearwater proxies messages between the UE and an external application server that conferences sessions together.

Not Supported

The following Supplementary Service is not currently supported by Clearwater.

  • Barring of Incoming Calls - When Roaming - Clearwater does not currently support roaming, and so can’t support barring on this basis.